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The Art and Science of Anti-Aging

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Edilita's Specialties


Anti-Aging Makeover - Beauty and Health based on Science


Allow your life to express the beauty and vitality that's in your soul

Edilita De Boda PA-C is an expert within the field of Bio-Identical Hormones 

She provides an in-depth health assessment which focuses on interaction between your hormone health, the environment and every day stress.  

Edilita will partner with you and establish treatment goals which will guide you through the delicate balance of graceful aging.     

Face & Body Sculpting-

Edilita is a leading medical expert  in the Science and Art of Aesthetic Sculpting.  Allow her to help you achieve the beautiful contours that bring out your natural beauty.

Her customized aesthetic services provide the most up-to-date procedures beyond Botox, Fillers, Collagen Induction and Peels. 

In addition, she is a sought after hands-on instructor,  a Certified National Instructor for the Polydioxanone (PDO) THREAD LIFT (FACE and BODY) and teaches MD's and other medical professionals across the country in advanced medical aesthetic procedures.

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy


Hormones and Science

Having hormonal balance is key to living a life full of vitality and emotional harmony

A Hormone is a chemical messenger that is secreted (or released) into our bloodstream by specific organs known as glands. 

Hormones include not only the sex hormones Estrogen and Testosterone. Thyroid hormone, Stress hormones such as Cortisol, Melatonin and Vitamin D are also some of the many important hormones that create a symphony of balance in our bodies.

Hormones regulate (or control) many processes in our body, including blood glucose levels, water content in blood, general growth, and blood pressure.  Our hormones affect our brain and heart, our skin, and stamina, our ability to maintain an ideal body weight,  our sex life and our overall sense of well-being.  

Bio-Identical Hormones are plant derived, and have the exact same chemical structure as our endogenous hormones, and thus, are indistinguishable from the hormones produced by the body.        


Hormones for Women


Hormone Replacement Therapy is most often used for menopause. Women have traditionally used synthetic estrogen therapy to treat menopausal symptoms. Another option for women needing hormone therapy is the use of Bio- Identical Hormones rather than synthetic ones

Very few physicians are meeting the needs of Peri-menopausal and Menopausal women through the use of plant-derived hormones although they are biologically identical to those naturally occurring in women and have been proven safe and effective. 

No two women are alike and their treatment programs should not be either.  In addition to their efficacy- the beauty of using bio-identical hormone therapy is that it can be adapted to fit your individual body and hormone levels. In fact, these hormones can be made specifically for you by a compounding pharmacist in a variety of strengths and dosage forms including capsules, topical creams, suppositories and sublingual.  This is something that we cannot do with pharmaceutical brands and generics.


Hormones Health for Men


Men at mid-life are just as susceptible to an age-related drop in hormone production as women.

Andropause, the so-called male menopause, signifies the retreat of the key male hormone testosterone.  As a man ages, his body naturally makes less testosterone. In fact, by the time a man is in his mid-forties, testosterone levels can be down by 40%. 

Lifestyle factors such as excessive stress, weight gain and lack of exercise can lower levels even further – impacting stamina, drive and virility.  Men tend to notice a subtle downward shift in strength and energy first, followed by lack of enthusiasm for life’s challenges like work and competition. A man may also lose interest in sex.

These symptoms can be addressed by 

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy successfully as well.  

Edilita is skilled and highly effective in treating both 

Men and Women in all stages of their life.

Edilita's Services


Anti-Aging Hormone Health Consultations

Initial Consultation   - $300

Return Consultation - $150

(2 months) or as needed x 1 yr

Basic Saliva Test        - $150

Comp Blood Test       - $150

(if not covered by insurance)


Medical Weight Loss Program

Initial Weight Loss Assessment     -     $150

Return Weigh in Visit  (monthly)     -      $65

Weight Loss Injections                   - $20/$25

The most important component in achieving our optimal Health and Wellness is the physical condition of our body.  Maintaining an ideal body weight goes hand-in-hand with our inner image of our outer body.  

However, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is not always easy.  Factors such as genetics, lifestyle, environmental effects, as well as age, hormonal status and resources greatly impact success- these are factors which other programs and providers do not always take into account.

Edilita offers a custom-designed program to support your weight loss goals while promoting a healthy NEW YOU! She will evaluate your current health status with a  thorough physical and lab studies and create a customized program to help you succeed in your weight loss goals.

Based on your assessment your treatment plan may include any combination of the following, and as always will be based on your unique makeup as an individual and current medical research.  

The goal is Weight loss- as quick and safe as possible- with sustained results- backed by medical research.


  • FDA Approved Weight Loss Medication
  • Weekly/Monthly support weigh-ins, blood pressure and Vitamin/MIC injections
  • HCG program and diet
  • Vitamin B 12 injection for energy and weight loss
  • MIC injection- for promotion of fat loss
  • Lipo-Den Plus- Vit B12 +MIC for combination effect
  • Nutrition/Diet Program- that takes into consideration your specific likes and dislikes, nutritional needs based on exam, labs and hormonal status and personality
  • Exercise/Fitness Program- based on current medical research and your individual needs aligned with your goals


Face & Body Aesthetic Medical Services

  • PDO Thread lift for Face and Body for volume, lifting, smoothing and re-positioning skin
  • Collagen Induction Therapy/Medical grade Microneedling
  • Vampire Facial/Facelift TM Certified Provider
  • Medical Mesotherapy- Spot Fat Reduction, Kybella
  • VI Peel for Acne, Hyper-pigmentation and Fine Lines

  • Total Facial and Body Rejuvenation
  • *Correction
  • *Prevention 
  • *Protection
  • *Lifting

  • Medical therapies for Acne, Hair Loss and Sexual Health 

Edilita's Philosophy- Beauty Denotes Good Health

Beauty denotes good health.

Edilita believes that our beauty begins on the inside. That energy, beauty and joy go hand-in-hand with optimum cellular wellness

Ancient health systems and traditions were derived by examining ones' physical appearance to determine where there may be deficiencies or health problems. Although we are now armed with new technology in terms of diagnosing medical ailments, are we really that much more advanced and healthier?

We would benefit to ask...Do you have a sparkle of good health and balance in your eyes? Do you have good muscle tone and a muscle-to-fat ratio? Can you enjoy an active physical life as well as private intimate moments at home? Can you laugh at the funnier things, avoid meltdowns, and handle stress with a grain of salt?  Can you focus on work and keep a positive outlook in life? If not- these are signs of physiologic imbalance that Edilita strives to help you restore!   

It is never too late or too early to invest in your health. If we transform our cells using science-based medicine, earth & plant derived nutritional supplements, physical movement and mind relaxation techniques, we can shift into a harmonious quality of life-towards Ultimate Health- which is a body, mind and spiritual experience. 

Edilita has the clinical knowledge, training, tools and passion to work with you to achieve this higher-level transformation. 

That is her goal and mission in life - to help you and many others achieve abundant health and well-being!



Edilita De Boda PA-C

Owner, Head Practitioner/Consultant

Edilita's Secret

  Edilita De Boda PA-C, has over 20 years of experience in medicine and is an expert at integrating state-of-the-art Anti-Aging Medicine with your individual aesthetic goals and Functional Medicine needs. She is dedicated to helping you obtain and optimize your health, wellness and aesthetic sculpting goals.  

She will partner with you and spend the time necessary to address your hormones and aging concerns, your first generation risks, and your Anti-Aging health needs, as she reveals your customized treatment secrets to you.   

Edilita started her medical career practicing Family medicine and has owned and operated her own medical practice in Los Angeles since 2008 after the birth of her second child.

She is a native San Diegan and graduated from the University of San Diego in 1995 Cum Laude, with a Bachelors degree in Biology Pre-Med.  She has made Orange County her home upon entering the Physician Assistant Program where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1999.

She is passionate about expanding and applying her knowledge in Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine.  She is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Age Management Medicine Group and Cellular Medicine Association.  She travels extensively to keep up to date on medical advancements in these fields and in integrative functional medicine.      

In addition to her full-time practice Edilita also teaches MDs and other health practitioners in advanced medical aesthetic procedures across the country and is a clinical preceptor for the University of Southern California, Suzanne Dworak-Peck  Family Nurse Practitioner Master of Science Program in Family Medicine.

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